18 Injured And Admitted Following Power Tools Bus Road Accident

THIRTEEN passengers have been admitted at Kapiri Mposhi district hospital and five at Kabwe General Hospital following an accident which happened on Great North road.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has told Mwebantu in a statement that the accident occurred today at around 07:30 hours at Kabowa area about seven Kilometers South of Kapiri Mposhi town on Great North Road.

He said involved in the accident was a Kansonso Malokota aged 52 of house number 18/84 Jack compound Lusaka who was driving a Zhongtong bus registration number ADD 5736 property of power tools of kitwe with 53 passengers on board from Ndola to Lusaka.

Mr Hamoonga said the accident happened when the driver was overtaking in the process of coming back to his lane, he lost control and the vehicle went to fall on the left side of the road.

“The following passengers sustained serious injury and are admitted to Kapiri Mposhi district hospital, Besnert Phiri aged 51 sustained fractured Left arm, Abeles Phiri aged 81 sustained a cut on the head and chest pains, Memory Chanda aged 35 sustained general body pains,Japhter Mponkoso aged 30 sustained general body pains and cut on the right arm,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga said 18 other passengers sustained slight injuries and were treated at the same hospital.

He said the motor vehicle had its windscreen and right side damaged.


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