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23 Year Old Man Jailed For Defiling Two Minors Aged One And Five Years

Ndola High Court Judge Yvonne Chembe has told a 23-year-old man who indecently assaulted two children aged one and five that his behavior is worse than that of animals.

Shadreck Phiri has since been jailed to 18 years imprisonment with hard labour for indecently assaulting two girls. In this matter, Phiri was charged with two counts of defilement but was convicted on charges of indecent assault.

Phiri on January 26 last year indecently assaulted two girls under the age of five.Judge Chembe described the senses of Phiri of Masausi farm in Ndola’s Munkulungwe area worse than that of an animal.

“Your behaviour is worse than that of an animal, I have never seen a cow try to mount on a calf that has just been born, even a dog going for a puppy,” Judge Chembe said.

According to the evidence on record, the mother of a one year nine months baby went to look for food and left the girl in the company of her friends. When she returned home around 18:00 hours, she found the toddler sleeping in the neighbor’s house.

After a week, she observed that the toddler was having a yellowish discharged from her private parts. She told her neighbour what was happening to her child and at that point, a five year old girl, daughter to the neighbor, heard the conversation and disclosed that the convict defiled both of them in unfinished building.

Phiri was convicted on two counts of indecent assault. Passing sentence, Judge Chembe was displeased that a 23-year-old man took advatange of the girls in the absence of an adult. She said it was difficult to imagine how a grown man such as him could be attracted to a baby who has not even learned how to use the toilet or speak properly.

“I have considered the mitigation that you are a first offender and that he is remorseful for this action. However, I have noted from the record that the convict took advantage of two young children who are aged one year nine months and five years,” she said.

“His behavior is worse than that of an animal. I have never seen a cow or herd of a cow try to mount a calf that has just been born, even a dog going for a puppy, why should a grown man go for a baby? It shows that his senses are worse than that of an animal.”

She said considering his age, Phiri could have found a girlfriend or even married to quench his sexual desires.

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