3 Months Old Baby Natalia Has Been Found

A Three months old baby of Nakonde by the name no Natalia who went missing yesterday at SDA Church has been found by her father

Musenga Sikanyika, an elder from the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Nakonde has told Chete FM news that the woman who stole the baby was their neighbour and has since been arrested.Last night, Sikanyika and his sister started searching for Natalia from the church because he was hoping she would have been brought back but was nowhere to be found.

He then decided to go into Chiyanga village after suspecting that the baby could have been taken there or into Tanzania.Luckily, as he was driving, he saw the man and woman with a baby that they were bottle feeding.

From a distance, the woman who has been identified as Emelda attempted to run but the man she was with told her to stay calm and act like it was their baby, says Sikanyika.

When they were asked if they could be allowed to see the baby they were holding, Emelda was too hesitant while the unknown man confidently told Sikanyika to check. Upon finding out that it was Natalia, the man ran away as Emelda was captured.

In a split second, a mob from within Chiyanga started beating the suspect around 22:00hrs as they demanded her to explain how she stole the baby.Despite repeated interrogations and beatings by the mob, she could not concede that the baby wasn’t hers.

Sikanyika requested that she be taken to the police station to avoid killing her.At Tazara police station, she gave a completely different statement. She explained that she was looking after the baby because it’s mother in Kapiri Mposhi district was unwell.

She again changed the statement that the baby’s mother was within Chiyanga and offered to take the officers there.Even where the officers where taken, the woman she pointed at denied being Natalia’s mother.For For the last time, she told police that she could lead them to her true mother but that could no longer be taken into account.


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