Wow: 8 Things you didn’t know about Mampi

about Mampi

Wow: 8 Things you didn’t know about Mampi

Mirriam Mukape (born 4 August 1986), is a Zambian Pop and R&B singer who performs under the stage name Mampi. we can all agree that she’s one of the most hardworking female artist in Zambia. Check out few things you might never knew about her.

1. Mampi started singing in church at the age of six.

2. She attended Muyooma Basic School, Libala High School, and the Springfields Coaching Centre in Lusaka.

3. At the age of 14 Mampi lost her mother to cancer. 😭

4. Her father and brother were murdered in circumstances that the singer has never revealed to the public at age 16. 😭5. Mampi found herself homeless at times and was not able to further her education because of how hard life was for her.

6. In 2003, Mampi was discovered by a music producer and signed a record deal.

7. Her first album Maloza in 2005. It included the song “Sunshya“, which she performed for her first appearance on Television Zambia.

8. Mampi’s song “Walilowelela” was remixed by a Portuguese singer , Luyanna.From being a homeless orphan to becoming an award winning music star, really no bad situation in life is permanent, show some love for

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