SAD NEWS: A Famous Street Kid Has Died

strreet kid

A Famous Street Kid in East Park area Has Died

Ben was a familiar face around East Park area and on Great East Road. He survived through begging. However, he had a septic wound on his amputated leg which needed attention. Chanda John Chimba offered to help him out and took him to Beit Cure but Ben changed his mind and refused to undergo checkups. He went back on the streets. Sadly, he has succumbed to the wound.Chanda John Chimba Wrote:

On the 5th of May, as I was driving out of east oark around 21, I saw Ben, a disabled “street kid” asking for arms from different motorists, I stopped and didn’t give him money, I noticed he had spoiled crutches, after speaking to him for about 5 mints- asked him to meet me the following day at the same spot the following day at around 10, I wen there around that time the following day and he was not there. A good friend of mine Jeremiah managed to find him and called me three days later, I meet him and gave him new crutches, also promised to get him medical help as he had a very big wound on his leg which was amputated but was not well taken care of after operation.

The following day, through help of a Good Samaritan Dorica, we got him an appointment at Beit cure, his process of receiving medical attention began, an artificial leg was organized for him also and a councilor was organized to help him change his mind set. All of the sudden, Ben changed his mind, he demanded to be taken back home, the home he was referring to was the bridge at arcades round about where he and many other street kids camp and sleep under, he refused to talk to anyone and said if you don’t drop me back I will walk back there, we tried our best but fyali shupa.

Today, two months later, I got a call, and the call was barring sad news that Ben passed on yesterday, his wound got worse and affected many organs of his body. May Your Soul Rest In Peace Young man.

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