A Man In Lusaka’s Ng’ombe Compound Allegedly Murdered His Girlfriend

A young woman of Lusaka Ng’ombe compound believed to be in her early twenties has allegedly been murdered by her boyfriend from his house.

Some neighbors in the area were interviewed by Milennium Radio and they said that they suspect that the young deceased lady was cohabiting with a man who they suspect to have been the one who killed her as the her death was unclear.

The neighbours have narrated how the woman recently shifted into her one roomed house in N’gombe where she was discovered dead this morning and was last seen on Saturday.

They said that they were shocked because they didn’t hear any noise despite the houses be too close to one another, there was no struggle or call for help that was heard but the body was only discovered today in the house.

The body of the deceased young lady was picked by the police at the time the Millennium Radio news team arrived at the scene of the crime as members of the community gathered to witness what was happening.

Roma ward chairman Matthew Mulenga who visited the crime scene expressed concern that parents are neglecting the importance of teaching the girl child the right morals by allowing them to leave home and go live with men. He emphasized that cohabiting is morally wrong and should be dealt away with.

Mr Mulenga said in a statement that the death of the young lady is unfortunate. He is however hoping that the police will get to the bottom of the matter regarding this death.
Credit Millennium. Radio

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