A South African Girl Lufuno Committed Suicide After Being Bullied At School

Lufono was slapped several times because of R5 her own friends just watched her being beaten up and they were busy taking videos. She then overdosed some pills when she arrived home after writing a letter to the girls who bullied her.

She was too embarrassed, humiliated and deeply hurt nobody helped her and she didn’t fight back._________________________”Forgive me for what I did wrong to you and what I did to you wasn’t so big for you to embarrass me in the whole county, where will I find strength to sit in class and learn? When they pointed at me, looked at me, laughed at me it caused a pond pain Your doings made me lose hope. May god help you to continue with the journey where I left off May you get educated and materialise the dreams I had for my mother for them to become true. My soul is not resting in peace, it was sent to death by those better than me. The mighty God must not sympathize with you, my tears that shed shall cause a cloud of curse upon them. I hope you’re happy considering I have passed on..”

Words by Lofuno

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