A Special Duties PS Is A Chibombe Bombe: Pilato

There is nothing Special about a Special Duties Permanent Secretary: Pilato Writes

Special Duties
A friend of mine was appointed Permanent Secretary special duties at Cabinet office. I quickly concluded ati the chap was officially a shushu and I sent him a text, “iwe koswe so you will be a a permanent secretary for shushus ayi?” I asked him. He laughed at me like I was an idiot. For some reason he thought that I knew what his new position meant. I must mention here and now, this chap is very smart and very resourceful. Instead of telling me what exactly these special duties were, he went on to tell me about other things. I had to remind this bloke that I still didn’t know what his job was and what should be expected of him. At this point he realized that I was genuinely ignorant. He drove from wherever he was to my ka office dressed in his salaula suit looking like a penguin. After about 45 minutes koswe was at my office and he was already laughing at my ignorance. He sat me down and educated me what the special duties where…. And he said.
A permanent secretary for special duties is a permanent secretary without a portfolio. He is a permanent secretary wa chi cover, today he could be working under human resource the other day he would be under a different department. He told me this was necessary in providing support to the Secretary to the Cabinet who is the individual overseeing a number of permanent secretaries across ministries and provinces. His job as permanent secretary special duties meant that he could provide support to the main man the secretary to the cabinet to ensure effective running of ministries and departments in line with government policies. I told this chap that actually He was just a chibombebombe PS and nothing special.

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