By Nancy Kalaluka
A college student in Mongu is going through heavy pains after doing it with a married man over the weekend.
In an interview with BBN this afternoon, Mercy disclosed that she is having a lot pains as if fire was burning inside her pr**ate parts and she is also failing to sit properly without opening her legs so that she can receive some fresh air.
Mercy also revealed that another challenge she is having is that of failing to urinate despite having a lot of pressure coming to relieve herself.
It all started yesterday in the morning after I left the lodge in town. What really happened is that, I went with my friends to attend the Mongu music festival on Saturday night at Mongu stadium where musicians such as Chef 187, Bobby east and many Mbunga artists were performing.
Within the arena three guys approached us and we shared each one of them with my friends. We also went to continue partying at Shanaya club in town. After 02:00hrs my friends with their partners left the club and went to their respectively guys home.

We also left the club and went to check on a room but unfortunately all four lodges we found they were already full. We only managed to find a room at Hippo’s and we slept there. But after having s*x, he told me that he was a married man although his wife was a jealousy type and also very violent. So he said we should play it very low by going to chill to far places away from Mongu town. I told him that I was also a student and needed some support of formal of upkeeps.

Around 05:00hrs he woke up and demanded for a morning glory and afterwards he said he was going home so that his wife shouldn’t notice that he slept out but from the club. He left me a K50 and said he was going to send me something before 10:00hrs.
After leaving the lodge around 09:00hrs, I started feeling so much pain inside my v**gin but again considering the fact that his penis was too small, I doubted. The pain kept on growing reaching to the point of me failing to sleep well last night. It was too hot last night and I could feel fire burning inside my v***na and was forced sat on a dish of water.

I went to the hospital in the morning but they saying maybe it’s just internal pains and only told me to get this type of medication. Still more , it’s even getting worse.
Around 11hrs, we went to see Dr Mushitu in Mabumbu area of Mongu and after telling him what transpired he said my issue it’s too complicated because the wife had put medicines to protect his husband Katundu that whoever sleeps with him shall never have peace with her va**na.

He said I should go to Kalabo or Lukulu for proper treatment but again it’s too expensive because it’s to clean and remove the Ghost, said mercy.
Efforts are underway for her to go to Kalabo which is nearest to Mongu this afternoon for further medication from witch doctors.
Barotseland Broadcasting Network