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Abused Zambian Musician Breaks Her Silence

MY name is Namakau Situmbeko. I am 38 years old and i am based in Solwezi district of North Western Province.
I am the musician behind the hit song Weo na Neo.
Why do people only help when it is too late? If I commit suicide today how many sad emojis will my story or corpse receive?
I have tried my best and nothing is coming out.
Mwebantu help me understand this.I was married for 16 years and my marriage was rough.
I was abused both mentally and physically but decided to stay in marriage hoping and praying he would change.
I have shared the pictures so that the whole world can see the abuse I want through.
I have had miscarriages because of being abused.
My parents are both deceased but he would insult them even in their graves and call them names.
I have been to Legal aid clinic in Lusaka.Madam Chishala Ndlovu from legal aid clinic knows about my case.
The father of my children started dating another woman and wants to marry her. The two have a baby girl.He had this child out of wedlock
He has always wanted to have a female child so he adores and treats his baby girl like a princess.
I am a mother of three sons and I can no longer have children because I lost my womb during the birth of my last born son.
The Father of my children opted to divorce me after I refused to be in a polygamous marriage.
I do not want to talk about his baby mother because I have left everything in the hands of the Lord.
When he asked me to divorce him I agreed but nothing happened.
For one year four months we slept in different rooms.
I have been to the police and local courts but unfortunately I haven’t received any concrete help because of the marriage certificate which was issued at civic center.
I am not financially stable, I am a trained teacher waiting for deployment.
Everything that we acquired together has been sold, the farm and the house all gone!
Mwebantu what should I do? I don’t want anything from him, I only want my children.
The father of my children leaves our 12 year old son alone at home for days. This happens every after 10 days.
He does not care about the well being of our children and he does not answer phone calls from me so I use neighbours to check on my 12 year old son.
I have sensitive text messages from him. No father can write such messages concerning my youngest child who is in my custody.
I texted him because our son was sick and I was asking for one hundred kwacha. The message from him will shock you. He doesn’t deserve to be a custodian of the boys.
I survived and I don’t want him arrested, I only want my children to be in my custody.
When I left him I left with nothing because I became depressed and suicidal.
I am now working at a private school in Solwezi district of North Western province where I am earning very little.
I stopped singing because he was against it. I have a new song and I need a promoter.
I have tried Musicians that I was friends with the time I was actively involved in music but in vain. They don’t respond.
I have also tried Nexus but nothing.
Sometimes I look at myself as a failure.
I wonder why everything is falling apart.
What sin did I commit? I am really struggling in life and sometimes I go to bed hungry but still breathing.
This means a lot. What is it that God is keeping for me?
I just want to work and take care of myself and my children. If I work hard maybe I can find a promoter and maybe I can have my children with me.
My contact number is +260967096320

SOURCE: Mwebantu Trendsetters 2

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