ACC Charge And Arrest Faith Musonda

THE Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested and charged Faith Musonda with being in possession of a house in  Kingsland City in Lusaka valued at US$185,000, the property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

ACC spokesperson Queen Chibwe said Ms Musonda has been charged with being in possession of a property namely a house, number C5,1,D4-B in Lusaka’s Kingsland City, property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime contrary to Section 71 sub section 1 of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act No. 19 of 2010.

She said on dates unknown but between 1st August 2020 and 30th June, 2021 in Lusaka jointly and whilst acting together with persons unknown, Ms. Musonda did acquire a house, number C5,1,D4-B in Kingsland City in Lusaka at a value of US$185,000.

And Mrs Chibwe has clarified that the settlement between the State and Ms Musonda which was signed in October this year not to prosecute her was only restricted to the K65 million, US$57,900 and a house which were surrendered to the State pursuant to Section 80 of the Anti-Corruption Act number 3 of 2012.

She said the settlement was restricted to the true disclosure of the funds and property and did not give her a blanket immunity from being investigated and prosecuted for any other offences she may have committed.

“We wish to state that Commission continued with its investigations, and discovered that Ms. Margaret Chisela Musonda owns other properties suspected to be proceeds of crime.  As a result, she was detained on 15th December 2021 and arrested on 16th December 2021 in accordance with the Laws of Zambia,” she said.

Mrs Chibwe said the suspect was released on Bond and will appear in court soon.

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