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ACC Officer Sent Chills In A Court Room After Narrating What Transpired At Amos Chanda’s House

THE audience in the Lusaka Magistrates Court was yesterday sent into cold shivers and flat scared pale faces following a testimony of bizarre ritual happenings at the home of Amos Chanda, former President Lungu Press Aide.
Lomtuzi Bili, an ACC investigations officer, told the court that during the search, Ruth Nakaundi, who is sister-in-law to Chanda, subjected the ACC officers to dark rituals similar to those practices by the occult.
According to her testimony, as ACC officers were about to search a secret closed room in Chanda’s house, Ruth blocked them and warned that the room should not be entered by male officers and that the female officers must when entering close their eyes and enter backwards failure to which they would die.
Once inside the room which she described as filthy, dark and cringe, Ruth allegedly embarked on bizarre chants proclaiming that “I’m mate-mate, Queen of Saliva”, after which she began spitting gallons upon gallon s of saliva on everything in the room.
Officer Bili added that aside from the spitting rituals, Ruth also broke into chants of insults on the female officers who had the nerve to enter what appeared like a dark sanctuary.
Further, that whilst inside, Chanda with his wife Mable attempted to enter the room but Ruth rushed to block Amos based on the same ritualistic reasons.
Meanwhile, as the people starting sneaking out of court one-by-one, the matter was adjourned to 13 December, 2021.

SOURCE: Kalemba

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