FORMER miss Universe Zambia, Alice Musukwa, is demanding K500,000 damages for defamation of character from a ‘socialite’, Muzaya Shandavu whom she has accused of causing her major sponsors to withdraw sponsorship.

Musukwa dragged Shandavu to the Lusaka High Court yesterday, demanding a public apology on all social media platforms where the defamatory remarks were posted.

Musukwa who trades as ‘New Look Model and Management’ wants compensation for damages allegedly caused by Shandavu.

She wants damages for loss of business contract worth K300,000 and K200,000 special damages for loss of brand name , mental torture and inconvenience.

According to her statement of claim, Musukwa also wants the High Court to restrain Shandavu, his agents from posting other defamatory remarks against her.

She indicated in her statement that Shandavu defamed her when he told the public through social media, Facebook, that she makes money through immoral activities like prostitution.

Musukwa also claimed that Shandavu said that she was insane and an attention seeker who needed psychiatric help, when she was in fact a stranger to him.

She said she lost a contract worth K300,000, as comments raised suspicion in the minds of her sponsors as regards her standing in society, reputation and character.

“The plaintiff will aver that her brand name has been dented and some of her major Spencer’s have withdrawn sponsorship,” read the claim in part.

She claimed that one model who signed under her brand’s name also withdrew.

Musukwa added that due to her reputation as a charity worker and international model, she had established a constant following of over 120,000 followers on Facebook and similar platforms.

Musukwa said she will demonstrate at trial that on March 15 this year, she posted a short video clip on her Facebook account, of a nine-year-old boy she found on the streets, who she came to know as Fly Jay.

She said the video consisted herself, Fly Jay and few others and the boy spoke against poverty. This prompted her to make a donation to the boy and his family.

Musukwa said that Shandavu among many others who viewed her video post, responded to her video of Fly Jay on Facebook, by posting a video on his own Facebook page, issuing defamatory remarks against her.

“The plaintiff will aver that the defendant in his video post verbally attacked the plaintiff and further claimed Fly Jay was signed under his alleged label ‘Black Billionaire Records’, he shared his post to other social media platforms where thousands of people, including the plaintiffs followers views the video,” read part of the claim.
Musukwa claimed that in April 7 this year, when she went to make a donation at Fly Jay’s house, Shandavu through his agents recorded a video of her and posted it in Facebook.

She said Shandavu’s actions meant to demean her as a woman and has caused injury both in her personality, her business and standing in society.

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