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Alice Rowlands Trashes Zambian And Says We Deserve Kizz Daniels Attitude

She Wrote;

Apologize or Not, act right in other people’s Homes.
Well, we deserve his behavior because we like being good good for people who don’t even deserve our attention. Yessss I Said we deserve every blink of his foolish behavior.
If only we uplifted our own Musicians and made them big headed like Nigerians do this boy would have acted right, we give little minded people too much glory that they turn our friendly and welcoming culture for granted.
Davido came to Zambia and acted right because we once showed him kanuka , another foolish washed off musician came to zambia and Said our People, our celebrities were smelling of sweat and clouded him yet we still booked them.
We deserve the disrespect because even our own Musicians at times forget how powerful and important they are to be treated like trash by these so called Promotors of rubbish Shows that only promote International artists than our own, all for the name of making it.
After all this we will still see some musicians acting headless at his show and taking pictures like fans, such behavior should wake our musicians up and make sure they exercise they power.
Take pride in your talent and Job.
If we want to be treated right let’s act right
Even if he has apologized, this shouldn’t happen in the first place
Iwe kizzy ichimona

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