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American actor Djimon Hounsou to be part of the struggle film project

American actor Djimon Hounsou to be part of the struggle film project

It’s a brighter day for the Zambian film industry as there is some good news regarding an on-going epic -movie entitled ‘The Struggle’ which recently went viral late last year in (December 2020) aimed at reliving Zambia’s pre-indendenpence events by highlighting the achievements and contributions of Zambia’s first republic president His Excellency Dr.Kenneth Kaunda from the day he was born on 28th April, 1924 to the day he became president on 24th October, 1964. Good news came in that one of greatest actors of all times Djimon Hounsou just joined ‘The Struggle’ as one of the executive producers and an aspiring leading role of His Excellency Dr.Kenneth Kaunda after a long zoom meeting discussion with the project creator and executive producer Frank Kasonde and his new working partner Zack Yanni a Hollywood actor and producer. Djimon Hounsou is a Hollywood actor from Benin, in west Africa with vast film experience and a long list of successful movies including the multiple award winning (2006) movie Blood diamond and many among others are Captain marvel, Amistad, Gladiator, Tarzan, King Authur, Fast and furious 7, The kings men, The seventh son, The tempest, Baggage claim, Elephant white, The middle passage etc.Mr. Hounsou says, “it’s our great responsibility to make sure that we never leave any part of our African history and culture untold; because the value of any kind of people is based on their roots; therefore I find this piece of art very unique and humbled to be part of, for it depicts real life events of an extra-ordinary man who carried on his shoulders full responsibility of who we are as Africans and the black community across global by spearheading the liberation struggle movement. I would like to inform the government of the day under the leadership of His Excellency the president Edgar C.Lungu that I give my full support to Frank Kasonde and his team therefore; we are ready to seek your audience to discuss not only about the struggle film project but also help the Zambia n film industry to grow to the next level.” Frank Kasonde says, “working with such great talents with global experience and exposure such as Djimon Hounsou and Zack Yanni which are both Hollywood actors and filmmakers is the only missing link for the Zambian film industry to glow to the world standards. Nothing grows in its conform zone hence I edge all my fellow creatives and talents to strive for more than what we are given and take risks by doing the right thing not what just feels right.I have sacrificed the last 14years of my young life only to see this project come to life so that we may show gratitude and honor to our great forefathers for the freedom, peace and unity we enjoy now as a nation and Africa as a whole. If not now, then when? If not us, then who? , as an artist I always ask myself that question every morning when I rise up and every night when I retire to bed. Like I always quote ‘a man who doesn’t know where there are going should at least know where there are coming from ‘, because a great future as the people depends on the soil we stand on.My team and I would like to work hand in hand with the current government through the ministries of tourism and arts and information and broadcasting to implement all the great ideas and stories which our heritage holds for the betterment of our young generation and generations after them”

 Djimon Hounsou

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