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Anthony Bwalya Reaffirms The Nation That Carderism Will Not Be Allowed

We wish to reaffirm, that the UPND administration will not allow the toxic culture of political party caderism to distort the character of public places such as markets, bus stations, as well as taxi ranks.
We also wish to reaffirm our long standing position and commitment, that the culture of political party cadres harassing and denigrating the work of public service workers, among them the police and all other classes of civil servants, will absolutely not be entertained.
We are cognizant that our administration has been elected on the promise that we shall retain to law and order and restore the rule of law, and therefore, we wish to assure all law enforcement agencies, that they shall enjoy the fullest institutional independence necessary to execute their respective mandates of ensuring and assuring law and order without interference.
Issued: Anthony Bwalya
President Elect Spokesperson
17 August 2021

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