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Anty JUJU has A mentally Disturbed Son who she sacrificed for her to leave a better life.

Chomba kaoma wrote:

Part 2

it’s better to be Adulterous in your House than claiming to be single while you have kept 20 bottles of Former PF Ministers and Government officials under your bed with there pictures inside, people with Homes and families (KAMUTOBA MAYANDA ) Anty JUJU has A mentally Disturbed Son who she sacrificed as a Condition for her to leave a better life. That’s why you see her naked even using her Son to take pictures of her naked body full of INEMBO.. have Mercy on the child Anty JUJU!

Anty JUJU’s Depression is as a result of no customers since PF lost power, business has been bad for her Because New Dawn Ministers and Government officials are disciplined so no client as of now. So are real battle of Depression is coming from the fact that she has sacrificed an innocent child and business yabwela yavuta . Her battles are spiritual bane. She cries a lot when she notes that her Son will never forgive her because of what she has done to him.. we can only offer prayers to her!!

My dear ladies be content with what you have don’t be misled by Anty JUJU kamayo ka loshi!! By the way that’s my house bar, Can you borrow all that?

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