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Body of de@d child found in coff!n behind school

Body of de@d child found in coff!n behind school

A DECOMPOSED body of what appears to be a child aged below five has been discovered behind Kakonde Primary School in Mpulungu, Northern Province.

Northern Province police commanding officer Gloria Mulele said in a statement yesterday that the child’s body was wrapped in a sack and put in a coffin by unknown people on an unknown day.

Mulele said the body was discovered by a police officer on Saturday when he overheard people saying there was a coffin behind the school.

“Constable Mponyela, of protective unit in Mpulungu, was on his way home from work on Saturday and when he reached Kakonde Primary School, he met unknown people discussing that they had seen a coffin behind the school,” Mulele said.

“The police officer asked the people where exactly they had seen the coffin and they showed him.”

Mulele said upon opening the coffin, in the presence of the people who had gathered, Mponyela found a decomposed body of what appeared to be a child under the age of five.

It is not clear whether the child died of natural causes or if there was foul play involved.

Mulele said since the mortuary does not accommodate decomposed bodies, the coffin containing the remains of the child was later buried at Kayizha Cemetery in Mpulungu and the grave has been marked.

She said investigations have been launched into the matter to establish how the child d!ed and why the coffin was left behind a public school.

No arrests have been made so far and it is not clear whether the child’s relatives have been traced.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail

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