Bowman Lusambo Alleged Side Chick Accepts To Take Her Children For DNA To Prove His Their Father

NDOLA woman Mercy Matongo Cowham has consented that a Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test be conducted on her four children she alleges were fathered by former Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo.

Lusambo in this case sued Mercy in the Lusaka High Court and is seeking an order that a DNA test be conducted on the four children to ascertain their paternity.

Lusambo is also claiming damages for libel.

On September 28, 2021, Mercy published through a video footage that was circulated on Facebook and other online media houses to the effect that Lusambo had been in a sexual relationship with her for about eight years and fathered three children with her while she was expecting the fourth one and has since given birth.

But Mercy in her defence filed in court has maintained that her four children were fathered by Lusambo.

“The defendant shall aver at trial that the comments made by her are based on her personal knowledge and belief,” Mercy stated. “The defendant will aver at trial that the plaintiff is not entitled to any of the reliefs sought but the defendant is agreeable to a DNA test to be conducted on all four children to confirm that indeed the plaintiff is the father.”

She stated that she will show at trial that there was no malicious in her statement that Lusambo is the father to the children, adding that the former minister in the past did not dispute paternity of the children and had given her support to maintain the children.

Mercy stated that it is true that she was in a relationship with Lusambo for the past years which relationship only ended in 2021.

“The defendant will aver at trial that the plaintiff and defendant were in an on and off sexual relationship since 2014,” the defence read further.

Mercy added that it was true that Lusambo abandoned his children and it was for that reason that she commenced an action against him for the maintenance of the children before theSubordinate Court under cause No. 2021/CRMP/MO/228.

Mercy submitted that the words she uttered in the video were of fair comment and the truth.

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