Bowman Lusambo Returns Kabushi Parliament Seat

PF’s Former Lusaka Minister Mr Bowman Lusambo has returned his Kabushi Parliamentary Seat. In a statement on his official Facebook page.

Mr Lusambo Thanked the people of his constituency and promised to continue taking development to the area.

He Wrote:

As we start the day, allow me to wholeheartedly thank the good people of Kabushi for re-electing me as their Member of Parliament for another five year term.
What is so humbling for me is that this is a record in Kabushi Constituency as there has never been any MP to have served in Kabushi for two consecutive terms.
This again shows that the bond we have created with the people is strong and I pledge to continue with the Kabushi development agenda.
To the rest of the nation, let us continue remaining calm and exercising patience as we wait for the official verified results from ECZ.
To those that wish to start celebrating based purely on assumptions, my message is that this is a long haul process and they will do well to pause their celebrations.
Only amateurs celebrate before the final round, Champions only celebrate when the final whistle is blown.

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