ISAAC Praise

The cause of thousands of road accidents that has rocked Zambia and claimed thousands of lives for the past 10 months has finally been exposed and will soon be brought to a stop, Zambia’s Most Accurate and Respected Clergyman Prophet ISAAC Praise has said. Speaking in Monze this afternoon after conducting prayers at the mountain, Prophet ISAAC Praise said God who showed him the current accidents last year has revealed to him that a a deadly spirit was released all over Zambia 10 months ago by people operating with dark forces just to eliminate Zambians as sacrifice to their satanic gods.

The Man of God has however assured Zambians that all satanists behind the systematic killing of Zambians will be exposed and shamed before the end of this month. He has since called on the church mother bodies to urgently convine a meeting with the government and agree on two days of national prayers and fasting which should be holidays in order to deal with the satanic spirit.

The Man of God who in May last year accurately prophesied the current accidents, has warned that failure by the government and the church mother bodies to convine an urgent meeting for prayers and fasting, accidents will continue and will even start claiming high profile people in society. “Take my advice and warnings seriously. I have never missed a prophecy since I came to serve God 13 years ago.

I had prophesied about these accidents 10 months ago but I was mocked and criticised by people who don’t believe in God. This is the time when people have come to appreciate and comprehend my prophecy as thousands are now calling me over the same prophecy. But be happy this is coming to end this month provided we wage a spiritual war over it and you reading this shall not died in a road accident in Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name!”, said Prophet ISAAC Praise

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