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Cadresim Has Continued In Markets, Soweto Market Traders Cry

UPND cadres have taken over the markets and bus station and are now intimidating those operating at new Soweto market.
A check by Daily Nation found UPND cadres clad in party regalia manning bus stops at Chibolya Primary and at Masauko in Kanyama Township.
Also cadres were seen in new and old Soweto market moving around talking to traders.
And some traders talked to are disappointed in the manner in which they are being threatened by UPND cadres that if they fail to oblige with the new regulations, they would be flashed out of the market.
Mr. Martin Chisanga a trader from old Soweto market disclosed that cadres are also collecting money from them and forcing them to allow squatters in their paid for stalls or spaces.
Mr. Chisanga says cadres are still in the market, but some are in plain clothes while others are in party regalia.
He wondered why police are not arresting them, despite being given a directive by President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema that no caderism should be entertained in public places.
He also wondered why cadres have abrogated the directive from their President and appealed to law enforcement agencies to ensure that cadres are removed from the markets.
Another trader, Ms Margaret Mwanza said cadres were strategic in the manner they were conducting their activities as they come after 16:00 hours to collect money.
She said others are impersonating as Lusaka City Council levy collectors and also threatening to remove them from the market.
Credit:Daily Nation.

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