Chellah Tukuta Made Advances At Me: Lillian Mutambo

UPND Aspiring candidate for Munali Lillian Mutambo says Chellah Tukuta made advances at her and that he’s an illusionist that makes up stories about people

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Good Morning, I am sure many of you have always wondered my silence on Chellah Tukuta. First of all you all remember how I raised K30, 000 to bail him out of Prison when he was arrested for insulting many people including Hon. Dora SILIYA.

Infact many of you warned me that the Chellah you are helping will one day insult you. I did it out of love, to help out a brother. All the money was released to Chellah’s Family and they can bear me witness.

When I came to Zambia, I came silently to pursue my goals in Ndola where I had my business running. Next thing Chellah created a poster about his Independent Candidature in Kabushi Constituency, I laughed about it.

I even told him it was funny. During that time Chellah told me I would make a good first lady, he started making advances at me. Funny enough Chellah knows my hubby, infact it is my hubby who was running around when Chellah’s family needed money to bail him out.

I ignored Chellah’s advances because I knew he was excited with the little fame he got ‘The Hero out of Prison”…He also made me a poster for me as an Independent Candidate and I shared it on Facebook where it was all funny but he had no idea I was about to declared my interest in Munali.

Since 2015, I have been a member of the UPND Party in the UK, I bought my membership card at £10 from Amanda Dimba. I joined after I had a prophetic dream about our President Mr HAKAINDE HICHILEMA whom I had never met in Person till only recently..

Now I had plans to submit my application to the Party once I was in Lusaka and I made arrangements to meet the SG and the Munali Constituency Officials. Once my interest went viral, the first person to call my hubby was Chellah Tukuta, his phone call was to discourage me and he asked why my hubby allowed me to join UPND because it is not a good party.

Then Chellah Tukuta called me to say ”Boi I am very Disappointed in you, why did you join UPND, you have made the biggest mistake of your life, you will regret. You will not go anywhere, now people will not follow you like they used to.” I told Chellah Tukuta, it is not today I have joined UPND, secondly I love what President Hakainde Hichilema stands for. I cut the line and ignored him completely.

Few weeks later I see images of Chellah Tukuta trending on Facebook, he has joined UPND. I was in shock.. Immediately my gut instinct told me that Chellah was jealous of my progress in the party as my name was slowly getting known. Suddenly he was the President’s photographer, suddenly he was part of the media team.

I have never shared this but today I will, Chellah Tukuta is just Using the party because he has no money for Legal representation. He joined the party Conveniently and his lawyer is Haimbe Mulambo Lusaka Central Aspiring Candidate who has offered his services for free.

Chellah has been nothing but a problem in the Party, I have even reported him to the SG several times and he is aware.From the media team, Chellah has no respect for others, he thinks he is the best Photographer and the only one to work with our President. Infact he lies that the President has already offered him a job.

There was a time I was receiving defectors, Chellah Tukuta joined the crew I was taking along. He was not part of the programme next thing he was a speaker, next thing the article was ‘Chellah Tukuta receives defectors’ yet I sponsored the whole event and even brought in different media houses.

When my article was published then deleted on the UPND media page I contacted the SG.I have been told by many UPND members that Chellah calls them and says don’t work with Lillian Mutambo she’s not a good person. I have kept my silence on this. One day Chellah Tukuta called me to lie that he has an audio of me confessing that I am PF, I was shocked.

I told him how come it’s you calling me and not other people. I asked him to send me the audio, till date he has never sent me that audio..I then called up some officials and raised this complaint again, then I blocked his line from calls, texts…

Ever wondered why I have never been around him. He just jumps on programmes even when I was welcoming Mubita Nawa, we had a short meeting then Chellah from no where was party if the pictures and was posting a over social media. Chellah has a huge jealousy over anyone that is progressing and I couldn’t stand his negative energy I cut him off completely.

By the way he left UPND in 2016 and insulted everyone when GBM left and he is back again to cause more confusion. He is made up of confusion! Furheron, Chellah wrote an insult on his page and I rebuked him to say you are representing the party. Since he is very stubborn I decided to comment on his post. He called hubby to say he doesn’t like what I said on his page, I only told him to avoid being quoted in the future, then I privately told him that he already had cases pending in court he can’t add more fire and was only looking out for him.

Chellah’s sudden rant about me is not because I am ‘PF’, he is on a mission to destroy my name and reputation in the party. Atleast the party officials are aware of my Complaints about him. Chellah is an illusionist that makes up stories about people and I am not surprised I expected his action. I was warned and I have witnessed his wickedness first hand behind the scenes. It is just that our party is open to anyone who joins, otherwise, he is just forcing his way through.

So do not be fooled by social media. We have a credible media team that do not even endorse candidates, no media Personality according to our party constitution is allowed to Endorse any candidate prior to adoptions. It is clear Chellah has not even read our Constitution.

A few weeks before this week’s rants from him, he endorsed Mutinta Mazoka and was calling everyone not to support me but Mutinta, he tried to create enemies between me and Mutinta Mazoka by saying negative things about me to people. What he doesn’t know is that the people he calls know his character so they tell me and I ignore.

The only Loyal Friend and Brother that joined me after I joined UPND is Mubita Nawa, the guy is sound. As for Chellah Tukuta everyone fears him that one day he will insult or expose them as he is an illusionist. He will just dream one day of what to accuse people of.

In conclusion, President Hakainde Hichilema is a great man that welcomes everyone and one of the top supporters of the party are people in the Diaspora. So my coming from the UK does not mean anything to our president, he wants hard work and the people to decide whom they want. Who said the journey into politics is a bed of roses, no one.

It’s a step at a time, my message has been clear, I have campaigned and will continue to Campaign for our party. If I was wayward I would have listened to Chellah’s advise to leave the party but I did not. A true UPND member will not come to social media to fight another member, these are hired guns to disrupt the progress in our party.

Why only Lillian Mutambo? Find out what’s on ground in Munali, Chellah is on a mission to disabilise the party, he has done enough in the background we all just watch him..We have received complaints of Chellah Tukuta making negative comments about our party about how stingy people are during the by elections.

Chellah has also been seen receiving money from PF guys during the same period, but no one confronts him because he has those outbursts and what our party does not need at this time is instability. It is just a matter of time you will all know who he really is.

Chellah is the brain behind Propaganda that I am PF so that the party does not put faith in me, oh well I am sure by now they have seen his instability.

I end here..

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