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leave chi chi Daisy alone she could be having a Marital breakdown,hence no need to wear her wedding ring.

ZWKP wrote;

Chichi is a “Private” type of person. We only know things she allows us to know. Most of you knew about her Husband the day of her Wedding.

We knew about her Pregnancy the day she posted her maternity shoot and up to now she has never posted her daughter. Musiyeni muntu stop questioning they are many reasons why one stops wearing a ring.

some of the people commented on the post saying👇🏼

But how can a married woman stop wearing her wedding ring? It raises alot of questions, could it be her husband cheated on her or what aii? If so ninshi what do men really want aii? The whole package like her being cheated on sure😭 anyway again can’t really be surprised coz anything is possible with men, if Rihanna and Beyonce can be cheated on then who is miss Chichi Daisy aii😭

The problem started when she changed her name on IG from chichi daisy hamz to just chichi daisy. She was so proud of Mrs Hamz now what happened? Then all these events she goes to she leaves her husband not even these Zambezi magic events.

This speculation and curiosity all started when Presidential photographer Chella tukuta phrased a question saying 👇🏼

It’s just a ask Chichi Daisy used to flaunt her wedding ring. What suddenly changed 🤣🤣🤣🤣. 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃.

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