Chilufya Tayali’s Grandmother test positive for covid-19

Chilufya Tayali Grandmother test positive for covid-19

Opposition leader Chilufya Tayali’s Grandmother test positive.

MY GRANDMOTHER HAS TESTED POSITIVE OF COVID-19 AND ADMITTED AT LEVY====================She drastically deteriorated such that we had to take her to the hospital around 03:00hrs. The hospital staff were superb and I am really grateful. She is now stable and has been admitted to the isolation ward. I am sure some of you are wondering if I am safe together with Kiya, my wife and my other two daughters. My wife and I were the first to be tested since we were the ones that took her to the hospital. Both of us are negative but Kiya and her big sisters are yet to be tested. I have to take them to the hospital as I go back home.Once again thanks to the hospital staff especially that particular nurse and doctors who did so well to give my grandma the immediate attention.STAY SAFE – FOLLOW THE MEDICAL GUIDELINES TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM COVID-19.

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