Chipata City Council Workers Protest 8 Month Unpaid Salaries

Wokers at Chipata City Council yesterday embarked on a ‘protest’ by wearing black clothes to work.

The workers said they had hope that by wearing funeral regalia, their elusive salaries which they last saw in July, 2020 will feel some shame and visit them for the first time this year 2021.

Queried by #Kalemba on why they had not completely withdrawn labour and stayed home in view of the eight months salary arrears, the workers recalled the painful lesson their colleagues at Kabwe Municipal Council learnt on 2 April, 2019.

On that fateful day; hungry, broke and indebted Kabwe council workers were beaten by PF cadres for daring to demand for their five months salaries.

After the beating, with rivers of tears rolling down their hungry faces, they returned to duty lest they be receive more beatings from the marauding PF ‘commanders’.

Another Chipata Council employee who also sought anonymity said it was better he protested from his office as sitting at home would expose him to his landlord, shylocks and Corner Shop owners all who he has not paid for the past eight months.

He added that amidst this pressure of debtors, his wailing hungry children also worsen his mental state.

#SOURCE: Kalemba

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