Chipata Runs Out Of “Venues” Ahead Of The 2022 N’Cwala Ceremony

WITH only two days to go before the climax of the Nc’wala ceremony of the Ngoni people of Chipata District, Impi, as the traditional war warriors are called, are busy pounding the ground with their feet and penetrating the skies with their short stabbing spears in war dances called Ngoma.
However, in stomping and penetrating, the Impi are not alone.
The over 20,000 local and foreign tourists who have come to witness the ceremony are, by all indications, are also pounding-in penetrations in the lodges and guest houses in the mountain town which has led to all rooms being fully booked.
With truckloads of 400, 000 life-savings condoms all but delivered to the district, the Saturday climax of the ceremony will surely ride on the back of several safe climaxes currently underway in the town notorious for ‘chidyelano’ practice.
Visitors to the district have been arriving since Monday, 21 January are only receiving their share of condoms and advice to drive back to nearby districts such as Katete to look for venues for their nocturnal programmes and only come to Chipata on Saturday.
A series of activities will kick-start with Mpezeni’s movement from Ephendukeni Palace in Feni to Laweni in Mtenguleni on Thursday, February 24, ahead of Saturday main event
Kalemba February 23, 2022

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