Chishimba Kambwili’s Covid-19 Tests Negative After Court Order

Chishimba Kambwili Covid-19

Chishimba Kambwili’s Covid-19 Tests Negative After Court Order..

Chishimba Kambwili Covid-19 retest ordered by the court has come out negative chishimba-kambwili-freed-from-arrest-warrant.Lusaka Principal Resident Magistrate David Simusamba has since subpoenaed Kambwili’s initial positive laboratory results of COVID-19 which he said should be presented to him on September 15.

When the case came up on Tuesday, deputy chief State Advocate Margaret Chitundu informed the court that the two medical personnel who were summoned were before court. Magistrate Simusamba had last Thursday summoned the person in charge of COVID-19 on the Copperbelt together with acting medical superintendent at Roan Antelope General Hospital to appear before him and explain the status of of Kambwili’s COVID-19 status.

Copperbelt Provincial Health director Robert Zulu told the court that Mr Kambwili underwent a COVID-19 retest on September 1, and results came out negative on September 4, 2020 but that the results were only communicated to him on Monday, September 7, 2020. Magistrate Simusamba wanted the officers to appear and explain to him how the issue of testing for COVID-19 was done, especially relating to Mr Kambwili who had been missing court on account of having had Coronavirus, and Zulu informed the court that a COVID-19 test was conducted on Kambwili and the latest results indicated that he is negative.

“The latest results came out on September 4, 2020 negative,” he said. At this point, the defense asked whether Kambwili was informed about the results to which Zulu agreed.Meanwhile, Roan Antelope General Hospital acting medical superintendent Dr Chimese Mwansa also confirmed that Kambwili was attended to at the medical facility twice.She said on August 9, this year, the accused went to the hospital where he complained of difficulty in breathing, high blood pressure, among others. Dr Mwansa said medical personnel suspected him of having COVID-19 and took a swab on him, whose results came out positive on August 16, this year.

She however, said a retest conducted on Mr Kambwili on September 1, came out negative on September 4.Dr Mwansa said she communicated the results to Mr Kambwili on Monday around noon. Asked if she had evidence to show that a swab was conducted on the accused on August 9, which came out positive, she said the results were on excel sheet which was on soft copy.And magistrate Simusamba has subpoenaed that the said COVID-19 positive results for Mr Kambwili be availed to him on September 15.Tropical Diseases Research Center director Gershom Chongwe will present Mr Kambwili’s initial COVID-19 positive results.The case was adjourned to September 15, this year

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