Christopher Katongo writes…

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you to all those who participated in my live video presentations yesterday. The questions and comments, I really appreciate to have had an engagement with you all.

However, I want communicate this clearly. Those who have read my book and those who have watched some of the interviews I have done. My plan is to one day stand and contest as Football Association of Zambia President.

It’s been my dream and I will achieve together with the people of Zambia who want to see the betterment of the football industry in Zambia.Therefore, like I have said a while ago and I will say it now. I am not in a rush, am putting things together and it may not be now but in the future. For now, my focus is to Establish my academy and give an opportunity to young just like I was given aswell to exhibit myself till I became who I am today.

So, for now, let’s focus on building young players who will represent the nation at both local and international level with good football skills, discipline and handwork. With that said. Enrollment or registration of players in Lusaka will begin. Before I start going in all the provinces as announced on my page some time last month or so. Let’sive Football together as Total Energies put it. Football is our language

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