Accepting cooking utensils as wedding gifts marks the end of marriages – Spiritualist

Spiritualist and Founder of Sabash Herbal Center, Dr. Kwaku Sarbah, has advised newly weds couple against accepting cooking utensils as wedding gifts.

According to him, this has an impact on the longevity of marriages.

Speaking to Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.8FM’s ‘Nsem Pii’, Dr. Sarbah said, “It’s a curse and a sign of a bad luck. The couple can accept it but must not use it.”

He explained that spiritually, gifts of cooking utensils, are an exchange of peace in marriages. “Once you cook with these utensils and use them in your home, there will never be peace.”

“Cooking utensils, rubber bowls and other kitchen utensils should not be given as gifts to a couple. But as Ghanaians, we take these things for granted and do not understand when we start facing the consequences,” he explained.

“Some people give these gifts knowing what it can cause. It’s different if the couple is gifting it out to their guests but it is wrong for the couple to accept such a wedding gift”.

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