Copperbelt Police Arrest Roadside Defiler

POLICE on the Copperbelt have arrested and detained a defiler as he attempted to skip town to avoid jail.

Sources close to the repugnant crime narrate that at 19:00 hours in Kamirenda Township of Luanshya, a mother left her 9-year-old daughter alone at home as she went to the local market to buy a candle.

Unknown to her, a vile and shameless local man only known as Chisala, aged 23 who had been observing the woman’s movements took advantage of the mother’s absence and snatched the victim from her home, dragged her to the nearby bush where he defiled her.

However, as he was returning the young girl back to her home, grandfather to the victim Tikambenji Phiri spotted Chisala and confronted him.Fearful of the stiff arm of the Zambian law insofar as defilement is concerned, Chisala trotted off into the pitch black night whilst holding his falling sagged trousers with both hands.

Unable to catch-up with the criminal, Grandpa Phiri took the victim to her home and pursued the mother upto the market where she was still rumourmongering with parafin and candle sellers. He hastly informed her of the sad happening to her daughter.

The mother of the child then ran to the police where she reported that a male who was wearing black counterfeit Nike slippers, a grey ripped jeans with Kamwala Market labels and was also carrying a stringed backpack had abducted and defiled her daughter.

Acting on the report, police went on patrol to hunt for the criminal.At about 0100 hours, the police spotted a male fitting Chisala’s description; however, immediately before the police could taser him with slaps, the sexual predator again attempted to jog himself into the safety of the night but his falling trousers tripped him into the painful embrace of police handcuffs.

According to Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Elias Chushi, Chisela was arrested and detained for reasonable suspicion and will be presented before court for child abduction and defilement.


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