In order to address the threat of the new variant Omicron and to prevent the advent of a possible eminent fourth wave, Government has taken the following public health measures that will come into effect on Tuesday, 30th November 2021:

  1. Surveillance at all points of entry will be heightened. Both testing for sars-cov-2 and vaccination will be conducted. These are airports, road border ports, sea entry points and illegal entry points
  2. All travellers coming from high-risk countries will be quarantined for 10 days in designated places, at own cost
  3. Local authorities and the police service to continue inspection of all public places for adherence to public health measures for covid-19 control; they will also ensure that the public places are fumigated frequently
  4. Public transport operators must ensure masking up, hand sanitizing and physical distancing by restricting the number of passengers in respect of the bus size; operators to regularly sanitize their buses
  5. Markets and bus stations not to allow anyone in the markets or bus stations without wearing a mask. All the marketeers and shop owners are expected to wear masks and provide sanitation facilities at all times
  6. Members of the public shall not be allowed into public places without masks
  7. It will be a requirement for all persons to provide evidence of vaccination before entry into government buildings.
  8. It will be a requirement for Civil and public servants to be vaccinated for them to be admitted at work. This shall be done in consultation with the unions.
  9. Churches to only meet three times a week for an hour at each session
  10. Funerals to have not more than 50 mourners. Wedding gatherings to also be restricted to not more than 50 people, subjected to approval by health authorities
  11. All bars, taverns, restaurants, night clubs, cinemas, casinos and stadia should ensure adherence to public health measures such as wearing masks at all times, regular hand washing/sanitizing and physical distancing. Bars operating hours restricted to 18-20hrs, 4 times a week.
  12. Government will Roll out and upscale national wide vaccination for 2 million people by Christmas 2021 using areas of mass gatherings (markets, shopping malls, sports stadia etc).

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