Current Constitution To Be Refined Before Next Election

VICE President says the current constitution will be refined before the next elections.

Speaking during the Vice President question and answer session, Mrs. W.K. Mutale Nalumango said the country will not go into the next elections with the same kind constitution, because certain things in the document have to be made better.

Mrs Nalumango added that refining the constitution has been the commitment of the UPND administration, from the beginning, during the campaigns and even when the PF government was in power.

“Let me assure the Member of Parliament that the constitution shall be refined with new proposals. We are going to look at other pieces of legislation that include the Public Order Act,” she said.

Mrs. Nalumango has since encouraged law makers to make laws aimed at bettering the country than targeting individuals and opposition political parties.

She was responding to Bwacha Member of Parliament Sydney Mushanga who wanted to know when government will begin the refinement of the constitution and the Public Order Act. 

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