Dangerous Prison Escapee, Joseph Chiteta Leads Police To Other Sites He Buried His Women Victims

NINE women have allegedly been murdered by a notorious prison escapee and an inmate from Mukobeko Maximum prison.

The duo led police officers in Kabwe to sites where they buried three people out of nine they allegedly murdered.

It is alleged that the two alleged killers murdered nine people who are mostly women.

Police have since exhumed three out of the nine bodies buried in shallow graves around the Mukobeko Prison Farms by two suspected serial killer inmates.

This is barely three days after Chiteta led police to Chichele forest in Ndola where he allegedly murdered and tied an 18 year old girl to a pine tree.

And information has emerged that Chiteta 53 and Miles Malaya currently serving jail sentences at Mukobeko Maximum Correctional Facility and Medium Correctional Facility respectively for various offences are behind the murder of nine female victims in Kabwe.

Central Province Commissioner of Police Chola Katanga said the victims were all raped before being killed and buried in shallow graves.

“Joseph Chiteta who escaped lawful custody on April 07 2021 was apprehended on the Copperbelt after committing a string of other offences and that he has since been moved to Kabwe Central Police where he joins his accomplice Miles Malaya who was fished from Mukobeko Medium Correctional Facility to help with investigations,” he said.

Mr Katanga disclosed that preliminary investigations review that the victims who are believed to have relatives serving jail sentences at the said Correctional facilities were asked by Chiteta and Miles to go through to Kabwe’s Mukobeko Maximum and Medium Correctional Facilities all in a bid to negotiate for their relatives possible release on Parole.

He said Police have opened another inquiry into how Chiteta and Miles were able to have contacts for the victims while in Prisons despite the victims coming from Copperbelt, Lusaka and Western Provinces.

He said despite the bodies being in decomposed state and unrecognizable, he is hopeful that all the bodies will be exhumed as the suspects are cooperative in leading the Police to the different graves dotted around the Prison Farms.

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