Davies Chama Detained For Attempted Murder

Police have picked up and detained former Defence Minister and PF Vice Chairperson, Hon. Davies Chama.
Mr. Chama has since been co-charged with his former security officer, Brian Dumisani Nyoni for attempted murder.
The duo are expected to be transported to Sesheke District where the matter will be heard.

And Central Committee Members cancelled their scheduled meeting and rushed to Woodlands Police Station to visit Mr. Chama.
The MCC members were led by PF Chairperson, Mr. Ng’onga Mukupa and Secretary General Hon. Davies Mwila.

Others in the delegation included former Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Emmanuel Mwamba and former Ministers; Hon. Stephen Kampyongo, Hon.Sylvia Chalikosa, Hon Raphael Nakachinda and Mporokoso MP, Hon Brian Mundubile.

Others were Lupososhi MP, Emmanuel Musonda Mpankata and PF Western Province Chairperson, Lifuka Bright Lifuka.

Inspector General of Police, Remmy Kajoba announced last week that the Police would arrest people involved in political crimes dating back to 2015.

During the Mulobezi By-election, the UPND cadres ambushed Mr. Davies Chama at a place called, Machile in Lingulangulya, which resulted in a clash between the two groups of cadres.
The incident saw 3 people injured; Mbangu Mbangu, Sakubita Namushi, both UPND members, and the PF cadre, Simanga Siboli.

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