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Dead and buried man resurfaces after 17 years at Chipata Central Hospital

Dead and buried man resurfaces after 17 years at Chipata Central Hospital

AS CHRISTIANS world over are celebrating the reported death and ressurrection of Jesus many years ago, the people of Chipata in Eastern Province are also dealing with a local resurrections of their own. Chigomola Zulu aged 47 who is said to have died and was buried in March 2004 has resurfaced at Chipata Central Hospital. Zulu who was a practicing witchdoctor under the name “Sesema Mkango Wamfiti” in Chipata kicked the proverbial bucket hard after suffering from tonsils and a swollen tongue and was buried with a heavy concrete tombstone put on his resting place. However, Zulu’s relatives are shocked to find him alive and kicking 17 years later. The “late” Zulu was discovered on Friday by his sister-in-law admitted to the same hospital where he died from. Upon seeing him, the sister in-law’s eyes popped out wide as she screamed out of the hospital in a blistering run leaving her Chitenge and left slipper dropping on the hospital corridor. When she reached home, people had to pour buckets-upon-buckets of water on her to cool down before she could tell the tale. Her bizarre and intriguing story has not only gotten tongues wagging but sent shivers down the spines of medical personnel that they have been treating a resurrected man. Meanwhile, like Mufulira people thronging their new Hungry Lion, people of the East are trotting to Chipata Central Hospital to have a glimpse of the resurrected juju man forcing police to deploy officers as guides of the ever-swelling mob. Meanwhile, in an interview with Kalemba, Zulu claimed that he ressurected four days after his death and embarked on a wandering trip round the country and Zimbabwe. However, after arriving in Luapula in 2006, Zulu committed a murder in Mansa for which he was convicted and jailed. And in the usual prisoner transfer, Zulu was brought to Chipata’s Namuseche Prison where he fell sick and was admitted to the place of his death, Chipata Central Hospital and consequently discovered by his relatives. Zulu’s tale has also shocked Police in Eastern Province who say the only way to confirm; is to visit his “burial site” in Chadiza, dig it up and see what is there. Eastern Province Police Commissioner Geza Lungu said officers had visited and interviewed Zulu who is now under heavy Security in private ward. He said police cannot dispel Zulu’s claims at the moment. Like doubting Thomas, Lungu has assembled a team of pathologists to dig and inspect Zulu’s grave in Chadiza and confirm if truly it’s empty. Commissioner Lungu told kalemba that upon being discharged from hospital on Tuesday, Zulu along with his relatives will lead police to his burial place.

Source Kalemba

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