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Dec0mp0sed dangling body haunts Lusaka West residents

Decomposed dangling body haunts Lusaka West residents

A BADLY decomposed body of a man discovered in one of the farms in Lusaka West on Mungwi Road has traumatised and frightened the living daylight out of the residents.

According to a witness who does not want to be named, the body was discovered hanging to a tree branch with a rope in suicide position, yesterday around 11:00 hours although it’s not clear how it ended up there.

The man’s legs were missing and residents suspect they were eaten by dogs.

The grim discovery was reported to Bob Broomes Police Post on Lusaka’s Mungwi Road yesterday but as of today the body is still dangling in the same position because police say they have no transport to pick it up, according to the witnesses.

Kalemba June 6, 2023

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