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Dog slur costs woman K5,000

A 43-year-old man has been awarded K5,000 compensation in Livingstone Local Court A1 after his best friend’s wife called him a dog.

Mubiana Kalaluka, of Dambwa Central, had earlier demanded K30,000 from the defendant, Usikku Nalishebo, 31, for insults.

Kalaluka told the court that on October 20, 2023, he was at the house of his friend, Evans Mbubombubo, for a meeting.

He said Nalishebo, of Indeco Extension, brought a book and before the meeting could start, she said, “Why have you invited this dog?’ in reference to the plaintiff.

“I told her that I would beat her but she didn’t stop calling me a dog. She also went on and said I have failed to father a child.

She said I have syphilis. She even included my mother in the insults,” Kalaluka said.

Kalaluka said the incident shocked him and that was the reason he had decided to take the matter to court.

“She gave me a one week ultimatum to have sex with a woman to prove if I was a real man. I gave her one week to apologise. She undressed me and so I want K30,000 compensation,” he said.


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