Dr Katele Kalumba Says He Only Has A Few Years To Live

VETERAN politician, Dr. Katele Kalumba has bid his eternal farewell to the nation of Zambia.

Dr. Kalumba has indicated that he had lung cancer and had given up on the fight and was no longer on any medication as he awaited his fate.
The one time Minister of Health and Minister of Finance of Zambia said that he would not be there during the next elections in 2026 as he expected to succumb to the malignant disease before then.
In an emotional farewell, he has urged the country to be united and not segregate people from Southern Province as the country was better off united.
Dr. Kalumba, who aside from his political position, is also a traditional leader as Sub-Chief Natende Walushiba of the Bwile people of Luapula Province and spokesperson of the Bwile Royal establishment, has been vocal of the loss of 32 villages of the Bwile in Zambia to the Congo DR under the ongoing border demarcation and has consistently called on President Hakainde Hichilema to reclaim back the lost Zambian territory.
Despite his stellar political career, Dr Kalumba’s political career was somewhat dented by accusations by the Levy Mwanawasa government that he was corrupt and had escaped from justice.
During his brief flight from the law, his political opponents accused him of using wizardry termed ‘Chiengi Laptop’’ to evade capture.
However, he was cleared by the courts and later served as President Edgar Lungu’s special representative to Congo DR.

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