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Dr Tasilea Tembo’s Alleged Killer Lt Nigel Mwaba Has Been Committed To High Court For Trail

Dr Tasila Tembo’s alleged killer, Lt. Nigel Musonda Mwaba has been taken back to prison after appearing in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court where he was committed to the High Court for trial.

He appeared before magistrate Chiwaula Chinunda for explanation of the murder charge but could not take plea as murder is only triable by the High Court.

It is alleged That Mwaba between October 24 and 26,2020 murdered Dr Tasila Tembo.

Magistrate Chibaula has since directed state prosecutor Hammy Maloza to ensure that he sees an otolaryngologists(ear specialist).

This was after Mwaba asked the court to direct the police to allow him seek medical attention saying he could not hear properly as his ears were bleeding following the incidents that occured whilst in detention.

Mwaba said according to a medical personnel who attended to him at Sikanze clinic, his ear was infected and when his lawyer and family requested for the said medical report the police officers allegedly tore it apart.

Magistrate Chibaula told Mwaba to raise a similar application before the High Court if his not taken to the hospital by the police.

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