Edith Nawakwi Refutes Claims Of Threatening The Hatembos With Death

FDD president Edith Nawakwi has refuted claims of death threats against the Hatemboss , saying she was approached by Pheluna to assist in the Lima bank – farm court case.

Ms Nawakwi also says United party for national development leader hakainde hichilema might be arrested on filling in day.Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning FDD leader Edith nawakwi says the UPND leader should avail himself to the Zambia police now in order to settle the Hatembo saga

Ms nawakwi maintains that the hatembos are being kept captive by the UPND leader at his farm hence abducting them will not help him in anyway. She has further warned that if the opposition United party for national development leader will not release the Hatembos,she will go ahead with the matter in court to prove that Mr Hichilema is guilty using the already available court documents.

Commenting on her recent remarks that she is taking care of the Hatembo’s children,Ms Nawakwi says they children are vulnerable without their mother and she is currently providing for them while they reside at a different home.

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