Emmanuel Jay Banda Acquitted Of Unlawful Assembly

Chipata Senior Resident Magistrate Acquits Emmanuel Jay Banda. The Suspended Patriotic Front PF Provincial Youth Chairman Emmanuel jay Banda has been acquitted on the offence of unlawful assembly.

Chipata Senior Resident Magistrate Boniface Mwala dismissed the offence on account that the prosecution team failed to prove a case beyond reasonable doubt that Banda committed the offence.

Magistrate Mwala said that the ingredient to the offence for the prosecution mandated to the charge was that Banda neglected to at least give the police seven days’ notice of the intention to convene a procession.

Magistrate Mwala said Banda through cross-examination consistently labored to establish that there was a Programme for the youths convened by the Minister of Sports and Child Development which he was in attendance.

He said this was exhibited through a video clip in court and through an unmarked official ministerial government programme for the Youth Empowerment and was unrebutted by all the prosecution witnesses.

Magistrate Mwala therefore dismissed the charge and acquitted Banda accordingly.

Particulars in the matter were that Banda on August 20th 2020 in Chipata, jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown held a procession from Protea Hotel to Luangwa House.

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