Ethiopian Illegal Immigrants Attacked By Residents Of Katete’s Chibolya Compound

An Ethiopian has been murdered while nine others are nursing wounds at St Francis Mission Hospital following an attack by Chibolya Compound residents in Katete District.

The incident happened on Saturday night when residents of Chibolya Compound pounced on a house that was housing 50 Ethiopian illegal immigrants.Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala has said of the 50, one was murdered, nine are nursing wounds and 38 have been apprehended, while two are on the run.

Mr Sakala condemned the action by the residents, saying they could have easily reported the illegal immigrants to the authorities than attacking them and taking the law in their own hands.“The public was suspicious about them, what they had come to do and their whereabouts. But attacking them is wrong, what they could have done is to report to the police,” he said.Mr Sakala further said the police were still investigating the matter.

The 50 Ethiopian illegal immigrants are reported to have entered Zambia through Mwami Border enroute to South Africa but decided to set an illegal base in Katete before proceeding to their intended destination

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