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A very famous Zambian celebrity was caught red handed last night by a fan. Speaking to Zambian Tunes The fan said that he was flabbergasted by what he had seen with his own two naked eyes. He further said that he never thought in a billion years that he’d find this celebrity in this sticky wicket position because this celebrity holds himself to extremely high standards. He was caught indulging in an unpleasant ordeal with another celebrity.

The incident happened last night in Lusaka at around 4pm in Unexpected location. The two celebrities seemed to be shamefully enjoying their act together but unfortunately they were awkwardly stopped by the fan, they couldn’t continue with their act because they were embarrassed and they obviously didn’t think they would get caught. The fan was definitely struck with amazement as he had witnessed something astonishing.

He couldn’t help but call other people to also get a glimpse of what was going on, In a short while, a lot of people gathered around them and got a chance to see for themselves what had been going on. The duo was caught red handed dancing to a famous Zambian song called Boss Is Back by Rich Bizzy and the fans around them couldn’t help but join them in on the incredible dance moves, they even wanted to make a video but unfortunately no one had a proper phone camera to film the act. Happy April Fools’ Day. ©Zambian Tunes

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