Felistus, A Popular Makeup Artist Commits Suicide By Taking Doom

In the late hours of Sunday February 13 2022 social media received shocking news of suicide by vibrant and professional Makeup artist known as Felistus Cherié Banda from Livingstone who was currently Based in Lusaka

Felistus took her own life last night and the reasons as to why are not yet know. Those who know and interacted with her could not put together why she chose to end her life because she was still young and full of life.

She was a bubbly person and good with her makeup skills as it is proof from many photos of herself and those of her clients she shared on her Facebook account

Although lately before taking her life, she shared some disturbing posts on her time line which indicated suicidal thoughts but no body paid attention because no one expected that from her.

See Her Posts below from a few days ago.

She ended her life by taking an insecticide (DOOM) which she shared with her friend/s in a WhatsApp chat who probably was busy to notice..

She shared

What ever its is she was going through that led to her committing Suicide, May Her Soul Find Mercy In God’s Eyes

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