Finance Minister Dr Musokowane Has Unveiled The 2022 Budget

MINISTER of Finance Situmbeko Musokotwane has unveiled the 2022 national budget with an emphasis on mind set change to implement it.

Dr Musokotwane disclosed that government will recruit 30,000 teacher in 2022, which is more than what previous adminstrations have hired in the past.

He said the recruitment will help reduce the backlog of unemployed teachers.

“Over the next five years, the government will continue to hire more teachers in net terms and the plan is to be current by 2026,” he said.

He said government also plans to construct 120 secondary schools.

Dr Musokotwane further announced the abolishment of tuition fees. parent teachers association and examination fees for leaerners in public schools.

“For the avoidance of doubt ,the fees charged at public early childhood and secondary schools for a child to be allowed to attend class are done away with. To this end, grants from the government to public schools will be increased to meet the operational costs that were previously financed by the fees,” he said.

The minister said for secondary school learners, a bursary scheme will be introduced to vulnerable learners.

Meanwhile, the minister said government has increased the Constituency Development Fund from K1.6 million to 25.7 million per constituency.

He said the increase to empower local people to make their own decision on the needs of the constituency.

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