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Forensics Show That The Same Bullet Killed Nsama and Kunda

THE gallery and bench in the Lusaka High Court were left numb, shocked and in tears during a cold-to-the-facts testimony by a firearms forensics expert that a Senior Prosecutor and a UPND supporter were murdered on December 23, 2020 by a single bullet.
In his chilling testimony, Assistant Superintendent Daniel Banda, the Zambia Police Weapons Forensics Expert, said that upon his examining of the crime scene near Cabinet Office and the corpses of the two victims, he determined that a single bullet entered Nsama Nsama Chipyoka through his chest and exited through his left back instantly killing him.
Further, that upon exiting Prosecutor Chipyoka, the bullet which had been deformed into a boat-like shape due to travelling through Chipyoka entered Kaunda’s left side of the head, also killing him, and was extracted from there during post-mortem.
The expert said the exit wound on Nsama’s back and the entry wound on Kaunda’s head were of the same shape confirming that they were slain by the same bullet.
The expert’s testimony was in the ongoing murder case against Constable Funny Nyundu, Police Officer, who stands accused of discharging the fatal round during his deployment alongside hundreds of other officers to harass UPND supporters who had gone to offer solidarity to Hakainde Hichilema, then major opposition leader, during his appearance for question at Police Service Headquarters

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