Former Conjoined Twins Bupe And Mapalo Fairing Well

THE adored former conjoined twins who stole the hearts of many following their successful and delicate separation of their attached abdomen in 2018 are fairing well with the older one, Mapalo, enrolled in baby class II.

Bupe, whose growth has understandably been a little slower compared to her sister, is enrolled in baby class I at a school in Kawambwa, their home town.

On February 2, 2018, anxiety gripped University Teaching Hospitals where a 30member team of all Zambian medical experts where separating Bupe and Mapalo who were joined on the abdomen and sharing a liver.

After an over seven hour complex operation which was preceded by prayer, the Dr Bruce Bvulani led team of all Zambian surgeons and other critical support staff successfully detached the liver-sharing twins, who were seven months old at the time.

Fast forward, the girls are now four years old and enjoying good health at Kachema-Musuma Orphanage since their penniless parents cannot manage to fend for them.

Bupe still stands with the aid of a walker but her health-care givers are confident she will catchup, especially with the help of her supportive twin whose development has been faster.

*Picture provided by sister Mary from Kachema-Musuma Orphanage.

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