Get Rid Of Ministry Of Religious Affairs : Retired Archbishop George Mpundu

Retired Lusaka Archbishop Telesphore George Mpundu has called for the scrapping off of the Religious Affairs Ministry because it was created to allegedly give jobs to party cadres.
“It is just a useless department giving money to people who are not qualified and they’re not answerable to anybody, that is bad,” he has told Chete FM news.
The strong opposer of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation says the country cannot continue on the path it has been on in the past years.
“You don’t make a nation Christian because of someone who wakes up with a hangover and then you say ‘Zambia is a Christian Nation’. It has absolutely no relevance with our modern democractic dispensetion. Freedom of religion, freedom of worship, freedom of conscience, now you say ‘Christian!’ People will tell you ‘am not a Christian, you mean am not a Zambian?'”
The 74-year-old Catholic priest says constitutional reforms to improve separation of powers need to be made in order for elected leaders to be held accountable.
He says the current constitution allowed lawlessness to become the law and called for an end to caderism and political violence.
“There has to be separation of powers between the executive, the legislature, the judicature and so on and so forth so that we don’t have emperors, dictators at the head of the government. They must rule by law. For the time being in Zambia lawlessness is the law,” he added.

SOURCE: Chete FM News

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