Give The Expelled Dancing Nurse Students A Second Chance: Silvia Masebo


The four students at Chilonga Mission School of Nursing in Mpika who were expelled after a video of them dancing in a s3xually suggestive manner went viral on social media, should not be condemned to hell because they are young and deserve to be forgiven.

Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo says management at the training institution should consider rescinding its decision.
The students, who were in their third year, were on duty on the fateful day.
Ms Masebo said that the students are young in the profession, hence they should be given a second chance.
“‘When action is taken against anybody for doing something wrong, I always support.
“Let us not condemn them to hell, they are still young, and being a parent, I beg that their punishment be reduced. I hope the rest of the health workers should learn something from the punishment

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail